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Discount Airport Express Tickets

Here is a local’s secret, The site where you can buy your cheap tickets online discounted! Save 32% OFF on oneway tickets and 33% off return tickets.

When you buy online, you’ll get a QR code so you can scan from your phone at the gates without needing to go to the ticket counter. Read More...

Tourist Octopus Card with Credit

You can pick yourself up a Tourist Octopus Card through this site and it will also come with HKD$50 credit.

The even easier thing is that you can buy it now AND it comes with credit. Plus it will be waiting for you at the airport when you arrive so you’re good to go! Read More...

Taxi Translation Cards

Download Hong Kong Taxi Cards from the App Store. Then just type in the address in English and it will come up in cantonese.

You can also enter landmarks, building names or shopping malls. Then, show the driver and you’re away. Read More...

VPN that will work in China

You don't need a VPN in Hong Kong, you can access everything just like back home. 

However, if you go into China, you're going to need a VPN to access Google, Facebook, Instagram and pretty much everything else you are use to using. 

Not all VPN's work! The government have been shutting them all done. However, here is a VPN I use all the time inside China.

You can use it for free for 30 Day!

Discount Tickets to Disneyland

Here is a local tip, Here is how you can save over 10% on your entry park ticket to Hong Kong Disneyland.

This will give you direct access to the park with a QR code so you can bypass the lines to get in.

It’s your front-of-the-line access to Hong Kong Disneyland.

The Ultimate 
Hong Kong Hotel Guide That Will 
Save You Money!

  • Know the difference between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon so you know what's right for you!
  • The hotel price guide so you know how much you should be paying for every hotel so you don't get ripped off!
  • All the four star hotels in every district so you know what options you have.
  • Discount links for every hotel so you can save money on your booking!
  • Five extra tips on how to save even more money while you're in Hong Kong!
Using Hong Kong Octopus Card in Taxi
Whatever you do, do not get into a Hong Kong Taxi with only an Octopus Card!!!
How To Buy an Octopus Card at Hong Kong International Airport
You’re going to need an Octopus to get around Hong Kong. The city LIVES on this card and here is how you can buy an Octopus Card At Hong Kong Airport.
Hong Kong Octopus Card – How to Add Money!
Topping up your Hong Kong Octopus card couldn’t be easier. In fact you have over 1,000 places where you can do it in Hong Kong.
Is The Peak Tram closed in Hong Kong?
Yes! Right now, the Peak Tram is closed for renovations but here is how you can still get up there!
Hong Kong Electronic Market – The Wan Chai Computer Center secrets
The MUST go to Hong Kong electronic market is in Wan Chai. This place has everything from phones to computers[...]
Victoria Peak Hike Hong Kong – An Easy Trail that’s FREE.
Victoria Peak Hike Hong Kong is an easy hiking trail to do while you're in the city. It's EASY and will take you about 45Mins to an Hour.

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